Opportunities for change and Daring Greatly through the prism of Action Research Study

  • Kuznetsova T.D. and Karabalayeva Zh.M.


The article deals with the result of the action research study aimed at exploring the impact of the epistemic position of the opportunity for the self-development critical and critical thinking, task-based performance, strategy training and reflection on the academic achievement of PhD students and development of their self-determined scientific-research competence in the educational process on the basis of the Matrix Programme. The participants were 33 PhD first-year students of Abylai khan Kazakh University and World Languages. The data obtained in the action research deepened our understanding of how the incorporation and increase of self-dependent work contribute to the development of PhD students' professional and scientific research competence, keen focus on the strategies and self-evaluation in the framework of cognitive linguacultural paradigm. Qualitatively all the students made a noticeable improvement in the course study. The results obtained confirmed our assumption that the most significant thing is daring greatly for changes and innovations that can provide high quality in FL education.

Methodology of cognitive-linguacultural theory of foreign language teaching prac